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4 May - 5 May

What if the art you look at can be felt casually within your body? Would you get a deeper insight into the initial creation of the artwork? What if something seemingly two-dimensional can be transformed into a more complete, multi-dimensional experience: would you be moved, or would you be moving the art instead? Led by the award-winning choreographer and art therapist Vincent Yong, A Somatic Series is a series of 75-minute-long workshops in somatic movement, culminating in a participatory performance that will allow our participants to experience the artworks in the body. The artist will demonstrate to participants how somatic movement can be a useful tool in connecting the self with the body, and in translating the visual experience of art appreciation into something more immersive, intimate and total. :: WHAT TO EXPECT :: The programme is broken down into three sections. The first section, 30 minutes long, takes place in another space outside of the exhibition. Here, our participants are introduced to a somatic (body movement) experience that deepens our participants’ connection to their bodies. The participants will train their bodies to allow for a heightened, more intimate appreciation of the artworks in our special exhibitions. The second section of the workshop will take place inside the exhibition, where the audience will view selected artworks. These works will then be discussed in terms of dimensions, tones, textures and intent. This will then be correlated to the physicality of the body as informed by somatic movement techniques. Finally, our workshop will culminate in a combined somatic movement participatory performance led by the artist. This performance, performed in full view of visitors to the National Gallery, will allow both our participants and the visitors to experience and engage with art in a way that is unique to those enrolled in the workshop and other audience members present in the exhibition at the time. It will be the artist’s aim to illuminate how art might not only engage the mind but also the body, and perhaps even the heart. :: PROGRAMME DETAILS :: Sat & Sun | 4 & 5 May | 2.30pm & 4.30pm (75min per session) Registration link coming soon.

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