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Starving but can’t decide what to have for lunch? If you’re in the area of Sixth Avenue, you’re in luck! Perfect for sharing with your lunch buddies - our Monster Beef Bowl 牛魔碗, one full kg of pure unadulterated bliss in the form of yakiniku (flame-grilled) beef slices, with delicious tomato fried rice. The first of its kind in Singapore, all for just $42! And it’s ONLY $10.50 for a whopping 250g of beef each for you and 3 friends, talk about a bang for your buck!. But we w on’t stop you if you can devour it all on your own! If 1kg of beef is too much for you, enjoy our Beef Bowl 牛肉碗 - 200g of the same yakiniku beef goodness atop scrumptious tomato fried rice - at our special price of just $9.90! Both are only exclusively available during lunch, so look no further for your next lunch place! #01-04, Sixth Avenue Centre • Reservations: 8812 4455

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