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Posted 7 months ago

We would like to give you an update on Zoey and her offsprings Pork Chop and Betsy whom we welcomed into the ASD family about a year ago. Rescued from appalling living conditions, it took us a while to get them into shape to be rehomed. Zoey and Pork Chop have already found their forever families and Betsy is now ready for hers. It took a slightly longer time for us to sort out Betsyโ€™s medical issues and ongoing care is still necessary. Still, we believe that we can find her a wonderful home, just like we did for Zoey and Pork Chop. Both these sweeties are doing well with their amazing new families. Zoey (now known as Mimi) found a home that did not give up on her. Three months after welcoming her into their lives, her adopters felt a small lump on her stomach while giving her a belly rub. Mimi was brought to the vet the next day and a biopsy was performed. Unfortunately, results revealed she had a mast cell tumour. The adopters sent Mimi for staging scans and fortunately no distant metastasis was detected. Mimi underwent surgery to remove the tumour and made a speedy recovery. Mimi is now 5 months post-surgery and is loving her weekly cafe visits and park outings. We are so grateful to her adopters who are going the full nine yards to make sure Mimi continues to be loved and happy. Pork Chopโ€™s adopter had a slightly more difficult time as he had to deal with certain behavioural issues when the spirited boy first went over but these were sorted out with some training. Pork Chop is very spoilt now and absolutely adores his adopter who sings his praises to us every time we check in on them. We are so heartened to see how Mimi's and Pork Chopโ€™s lives have changed so drastically in just a year. They have gone from being caged and ill, to being loved family members. We are determined to find Betsy her home too, just like we did for Pork Chop and Mimi. Betsy is a friendly dog. Having been caged for most of her life, she came to us with no fur and a body smelling of yeast. We found out later that she has hypothyroidism which causes weight gain and poor skin condition. Since we started her on medication, Betsyโ€™s condition has improved by leaps and bounds and she finally looks happy! Betsy is now 7 years old and is HDB approved. She has a sweet and mild temperament, walks well on leash and is low in energy. She would need to be on long term thyroxine (which will cost about $100 a month) due to her hypothyroidism. Will you give Betsy her Second Chance at Life? If so, please drop us an email at You can read about the rescue of the three dogs here:

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