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Let your kids enjoy a fun and wholesome breakfast with MILO! Try this Cheerleader Chick Sandwich Bento recipe created by Little Miss Bento 🐣 Pair it with a packet of MILO for a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast on-the-go or during recess breaks, giving your kids the #EnergytoGoFurther for the school day. ————————————————————— Here's how to make the 📣 🐣 Cheerleader Chick Sandwich Bento! Ingredients needed: - 2 slices wholemeal bread - 1 hard-boiled egg - Low-fat mayo or mildly sweet greek yogurt - Pepper, salt - Carrot 1 slice - Black sesame seeds - Slice cheddar cheese - Sliced ham - Ketchup or chili sauce (optional) - MILO UHT Packet 200ml Steps: 1. Cut one of the bread slices into half. 2. Using a cup, cut your wholemeal bread into 2 pieces: a circle piece and a semi-circle piece. 3. Using scissors, trim, and cut the semi-circle piece into eggshell jagged edges. 4. Using the cup, cut the slice cheddar cheese and place it over the circle piece of bread. 5. Trim and cut carrot slice for chick’s beak. 6. Trim a strip of ham for the exercise headband. 7. Cut the remaining ham into half. Make small cuts along the center of the ham and roll it up to create the pom-poms. 8. Mash hard-boiled eggs. 9. Dice up any remaining carrots, ham bits and mix together with the mashed egg mixture. Season with salt and pepper, add in Greek yogurt or low-fat mayo as desired. 10. Use the uncut half slice of wholemeal bread as the base. 11. Scoop the mashed egg mixture and arrange the leftover bits of the bread on top, or at the side of the bento box. 12. Place the final layer of chick design on top. 13. Arrange black sesame seeds for the eyes and place the ham pom-poms at the side. 14. Dab some tomato sauce for blush (optional step). 15. Enjoy this wholesome fun breakfast with a packet of nutritious MILO!

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