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Posted 3 years ago

Many runners are willing to invest on a good pair of running shoes but often neglect everything else. In order to have a good running experience, you would need a good pair of running socks as well, especially if you want to run blister free. Moisture, heat and friction are known as the Blister Cycle and the technical running socks are specially designed to act against these elements. In wet and hot Singapore, this problem would be more common. The premium Drymax Running Socks are designed to keep your feet dryer and more comfortable. Try it once and you would understand the difference. Drymax Socks are available at all Running Lab Stores and comes in several models and colorways. Talk to our store specialist to understand the differences. P.S. We have sample Drymax socks available while you are trying the new shoes. #runninglabsg #specialist #dryfeet #antiblister #running

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