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Posted 1 year ago

🔥 LIVE WORKSHOP 🔥 - How to Survive Ambush Knife Attacks (60min Workshop) Click here to claim your slot before they’re sold out (usually within a day or 2) - Following the success of the past 3 workshops and masterclass by SurviTac, one of the best parts that participants found useful were the ambush drills. These drills simulate you being caught unaware on the streets and you have to react immediately. Imagine this: you’re standing at a bus stop in the evening, completely absorbed, scrolling on your phone... Suddenly you feel something cold, sharp object pressed on your kidney... you look down and see a shiny 3 inch blade. Your palms immediately start to sweat and you hear the guy whisper, “give me your phone and wallet...” What do you do? The common reaction is just to freeze up from the shock of being in that situation... because your brain can’t process all the decisions and questions racing through your head. Freezing up WILL get you into trouble. This is common in Singapore and even more common in European countries. The truth is, being ready when you're least ready is a trained response. This workshop will teach you how to BEAT the FREEZE and get into THE FIGHT. If you travel often, alone or with family, and want to be confident with your own protection abilities, don’t miss this very exclusive workshop for only 20 participants. Friday, 28 September 8:30pm to 9:30pm TMP Fitness #05-02 Revenue House Novena $59 is for 2 pax (Yourself and a friend). If you come alone we'll match you up with another training partner. Training knives and eye protection will be provided. Click here to claim your slot before they’re sold out (usually within a day or 2) - This session will also be recorded and you’ll have access to it later so you can reference the material anytime you want.

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