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What is romance to you? Comment with the emojis that mean romance to you! 🌹 = flowers 🍫 = chocolate 💍 = jewelry 💃 = going out with partner 🕰 = time alone 😴 = sleep/sleeping in 💆 = massage 🥰 = loving words 💋 = touch 🧹 = someone else doing house cleaning 💞 = other Drawing from 20+ years of experience having 7 children, this MomTalk, host Jessica Martin-Weber is sharing the practical tips she and her partner have learned for keeping romance, intimacy, and sex alive after baby arrives. Learn the secrets of romantic love when you have kids and join for a chance to win a JuJuBe couple's set! We’re fanning the flames of romance with a giveaway you'll love! Two JuJuBes perfect for every couple! One lucky viewer will receive a JuJuBe couple's set of a Carbon Hatch and a Noir Everyday Tote!

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