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Posted 1 month ago

Break the chain of child slavery whenever you break a Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar (and enjoy it of course!). These delicious and indulgent bars support and are made of ethical cocoa beans. These bars are also not your standard chocolate bar as they are divided into unequal pieces, symbolising inequality in the cocoa trade. They aim to make chocolate 100% slave free. They've been fighting for slave-free chocolate for the last 13 years. They're aware of the challenges involved in trying to change the chocolate industry, and are determined to keep going until they achieve our mission. They've now got 2 new flavours: Milk Crispy Wafer: crispy wafer covered in silky smooth milk chocolate and White Raspberry Popping Candy bar: dreamy white chocolate with raspberry and some popping candy to get the party started! Try their new flavours today and support a good cause at the same time! #TonysChocolonely #Chocolate #MilkCrispyWafer #WhiteRaspberryPoppingCandy #LittleFarms

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