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Posted 3 years ago

In soil are found the elements that form the periodic table. These minerals are absorbed by plants and become bio-available to our bodies. Plants also use minerals to make vitamins. Then together minerals and vitamins are used to make live enzymes. When we eat plants, these absorbed minerals, vitamins and dietary enzymes are used by our body to finally produce digestive and metabolic enzymes. It is these enzymes that do all the work in the body like making energy, new cells, new bone, new cartilage, etc. Enzymes in our body are also used to produce hormones. And the hormones made by our body are more powerful than medicines. All of this is provided that the foods we eat today, still contain all the essential minerals they are suppose to have. The use of intensive farming has greatly diminished the mineral content in soils. From the years 1946 to 1991, it is recorded that the mineral content in fruits and vegetables has fallen because these minerals has been leached from the soils. For example magnesium that is essential for our heart health has been reduced by 82% and beta carotene (Vitamin A) in carrots by 99%. The value of minerals in fruits and vegetables is totally dependent on the content of these very same mineral in the soils on which they are grown. Then what about the mineral content of salads from hydroponically grown vegetables?

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