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🐼 Hello Panda 🐼 Online Exclusive: $2800/- Our signature "Panda". The jadeite is a translucent fine texture Omphacite (墨翠). It is Translucent Green when the light shines through. You do not need a heavy duty maglite to see the green. Good quality Omphacite, you only need a normal touch light. Stone: Natural Omphacite Jadeite 'Type A' Origin: Burma Colour: Translucent Green Translucency: Translucent Design: Panda Bead Size: 31.7mm x 20.4mm x 9.2mm Photographs are taken in natural daylight and are non-edited. Do note that the colour on the photographs may vary from device to device. If you require more photographs, please message us! LI-HONG JADE is a heritage brand selling natural 'Type A' Jadeite jade jewelry since 1970. Our legacy is built on trust and respect ‐ for our clients, for each other and for our collections. We can also provide a certificate from Nanyang Gemological Institute Singapore, NGI. We provide Free local delivery in 🇸🇬 Singapore. LI-HONG JADE, a well recognized brand in the Jade Jewellery trade in Singapore and across Asia. With 50 years of trusted quality, our jewellery are produced under exclusive craftsmanship over decades of dedication. We aim to surprise and delight all our valued customers by providing an unparalleled selections, uncompromised integrity, superior service and exceptional value. #sgheritage #visitsingapore #jadeshopsingapore #panda #翡翠 #玉 #墨翠 #mocui #singaporejeweller #theperfectgift #translucent #natural #熊猫 #typea #jadejewelery #fengshui #panda 🐼 #pendant #jadeatsg #jadesg #lihongjade #rafflescity #sgig #igsg

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