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Posted 1 week ago

SELLING YOU WKW ATTEMPT #2 NEW SALE DATE - We got it figured out this time. Kind of. Ok, hear us out. So after settling down from the frantic calls and panic attacks last week, we convened with the tech guys to fix this. They said they were ready the last time, but had obviously underestimated the power of Tony’s sexy eyes. Immediately, the team got down to optimising algorithms, scaling up the server, and doing load testing with our existing database – you name it, they tech it. Theoretically it should work now, having said that, there’s still a chance something goes wrong, like the chance of you running back to your ex (non-zero) But let’s give this another try okay? 🤞 NEW TICKET SALE DATE (Two new screenings added per film!) Date: Tuesday, 06 April Time: 7pm - if it lags a few minutes, that's normal! Ticketing link: All information from the previous announcement still stands! It’s in the web link above, including the show times. Please give it a read to refresh your memory. We will not be adding any other WKW films. Also, real talk, we’d like to thank y’all for being so patient and civil with us even though you had taken time out from dinner, friends, family, peeing, just to support our programme. We’re really grateful and apologetic for the unintended chaos. Thanks for being kind to us :') #wongkarwai #tonyleung #inthemoodforlove #2046 #chungkingexpress #theprojectorsg #cinemasg

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