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Posted 1 week ago

The New Nanyang showcase at Supermama Museum Store @ ACM has been extended until 29th February 2024. Don’t miss the chance to explore this collection before it travels to Tokyo! Highlighted here are two artefacts designed by Hans Tan and Aoishima Aji Stone. ___ 1 - 2nd image: The mortar and pestle are meticulously crafted from Aji stone, an exceptional granite extracted from the foothills of Mount Goken, renowned for its peaks resembling “Five Swords”. This mountain produces a stone with distinct speckles. Despite its hardness, artisans in Aji Stone skilfully shape this granite into indispensable cooking utensils — such as the mortar and pestle that have been utilised since the Stone Age. The mortar and pestle, though an unlikely archetype for this project, evokes a childhood reminiscence of a well-crafted mortar and pestle used by Han’s grandmother. It highlights the versatility of granite, which despite its hardness, can be shaped and fashioned to convey a sense of softness and familiarity. 3 - 4th image: Now serving as a seat, a duo of Aji stone mined from Mount Goken now offers a comfortable perch, reciprocating to the one who sits. This mountain provides the raw material, now designed and crafted into soft-looking granite stones that can be modularly arranged, allowing for the creation of anything from stools to benches. #NewNanyang

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