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GIVEN THAT from "The Nomad Principle" by Crispin Rodrigues purchase your copy here: Given that the earth is a perfect sphere, travelling in any direction ultimately leads the start, which given that the rotation of poles happens at a rate too slowly to consider, a straight walk is an infinite loop. Given that a clock is the thread in which time is the spindle, two straight lines moving in exactly opposite directions should take half the rotation of the earth to meet, given that friction bears no weight in this calculation. Given that friction bears weight on stony ground, there are other conditions to note such as one night stands, two mile digressions and a night of the soul in the desert, one should start when it is dawn to save time, given that a walk to the left is daylight savings in perpetuity. Given that we are to meet in the middle of this ordeal, I have left out my own variables, kept a constant pace, charted the shortest path with the horizon and followed the sun, so that the cats may find water, the birds may find wind, and you find your way home with this trail of breadcrumbs, given that. #sglitftw #mathpaperpress #getclicking #feedyourshelf #welovebooks #booksactually #bookstoread #neverstopreading #ireadbooksactually #thinkverylittle #poetry

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