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Welcome to What We’re Wearing, where our staffers talk us through their daily outfits. Today it’s strategy manager Matt Barnes. - Growing up,I had really bad style. I’m a tall, skinny dude, and wore a lot of clothes that were too big for me. But I figured it out. The black jeans in these pictures are 100% cotton 501® jeans. That’s my favorite fit. It’s a straight leg, but not baggy. A lot of times I’m dressed in all black. All black is simple — it’s put-together, and it looks good. Trucker Jackets are my staple. This brown corduroy Trucker is from the ’70s. Someone hand-painted that “Rodeo” thing on the back. I definitely have a ’70s influence and a Western influence. I think it’s from my upbringing in Vegas. Vegas is a little trashy. #LiveinLevis

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