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In 2016, Anubhav plunged into the throes of depression when he suffered a heavy loss in his business and his partner left him, leading to an accumulative debt. Despite his attempts to undergo therapy sessions to combat his anxiety attacks and mood swings, nothing seemed to improve his situation. That was when he chanced upon a Fitness First booth, where his life changed forever. As a person with no gym experience, Anubhav started out with group exercise classes. With the guidance from a few certified instructors at Market Street, he was able to slowly progress to more challenging workouts. Yeoh Kok Sin, one of the many instructors, was one of the main reasons why Anubhav continued to attend his classes religiously. Yeoh constantly encouraged and challenged him in his workouts. With his guidance, Anubhav was able to have a satisfying workout while improving on his form. Gradually, Anubhav saw a positive change in his physical health as he lost 16kg and over 10% body fat. However, the biggest transformation came from within – he became a person full of optimism and vitality, leading him to have confidence in entering the workforce again. Today, he hope to inspire and stand with those fighting depression, to experience the power of fitness today. Find out more on how you can make a difference for your fitness - check out our MyCoach Assessment here: (Testimonial was in year 2019) #FitnessFirstSG

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