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Genmaicha (known as brown rice tea) is green tea with roasted brown rice puffs. The nutty aroma in brown rice aids in balancing the bitterness of green tea, so new fans generally welcome Genmaicha as opposed to Sencha or Matcha. The refreshing tastiness in combination is favourable for breakfast or anytime of the day which keeps you relaxed and focused! 😊 ⠀ Natural Genmaicha fuels with antioxidants to promote a healthy daily lifestyle! A sugar free alternative and increase m etabolism besides a good healthy diet helps in weight loss. Strengthening the immune system, such as lowing the risk of infections and cancer, removing toxins and harmful substances. 🍃 ⠀ TSUJIRI Tea Selections are packaged in convenient tea bags for no fuss, just gorgeous tea on the go. Tea leaves are gathered from Yame city, Fukuoka which is known for its top-quality cultivation and processing, being one of the largest tea production in Japan. Store tea in a dry, cool dark place to eliminate the effect of heat and light, and in a tight container to prevent contamination by odors. ⠀ To have Genmaicha delivered to your doorstep ➡️ Shop online

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