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Posted 3 years ago

Are kidney disease and kidney failure the same thing? 💬 “Kidney disease” does not equate to “kidney failure”. “Kidney disease” is a general term used to describe different types of diseases related to the kidneys. Chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease. Most patients with chronic kidney disease can prevent a deterioration of their conditions and lead normal lives through managing their diet and taking their medication. Hence, not all patients with kidney disease need to go for dialysis. However, if you have kidney failure, it means that 90% or more of your kidney function is lost and your kidneys are unable to maintain the normal composition of body fluids, resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the body. At this stage, you will need to depend on dialysis or transplant for survival. This also highlights how crucial it is to identify the early warning signs of kidney failure and take steps to protect your kidneys. Read more about kidney failure here: Photo credit: Villa Medica #nkfsg #givinglifeandhope #kidneys

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