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Posted 2 months ago

Choryo Yoshinogino Taru Sake Omachi Yamahai Alc 14% 720ml Choryo is the king of cedar-aged sake. This Junmai Yamahai made with premium Omachi rice is perhaps the best taru sake in existence. The nose on this very elegant cedar sake is filled with cedar, vanilla, mineral, and roasted rice aromas. This very smooth, round, and gentle “taru” sake is one of the best balanced cedar sakes out there. There are smoky, roasted rice flavors, but it’s the cedar whispers that take the day. It’s not too zesty or fake woody like other taru efforts, and it’s not bold or heavy! It’s the opposite with a lower alcohol content (14.5%) and a gentle Omachi rice flow. There is a subtle complexity that gets more “woody” in a larger glass. Shop this on Yamakawa Shopee!

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