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Posted 3 months ago

Many of our enquiries for this service often evolve around, "Is Henna Strokes Brows Crowning a tattoo or an embroidery?" No it is not! Henna Strokes Brows Crowning is not a tattoo or an embroidery. It's finely drawn with high-quality pure henna derivatives with specialized ultra-fine nib tip purely on one's skin surface quite similar to one putting on brows makeup. As there are no lesions caused thus there's no need for any numbing cream. Results typically last between 2-3 months, and it varies largely for different skin types and aftercare. We are now having a limited-time-only offer for first trials customers at only $180. You may WhatsApp us for booking or simply sign up your interest here! Our customer service will get to you ASAP during working hours! 🥰

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